About Us

Thomas Dale and Associates (TDA) is a global investigative and security firm based in Los Angeles, California.  Our network of international partnerships allows us to provide effective and efficient security and investigative services anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.  Our personnel come to us highly trained and with proven track records in federal and local law enforcement and the military.  In a world of ever present and rapidly changing threats, TDA stands ready to meet challenges with a team of security agents whose backgrounds include the U.S. Special Forces, Navy SEALS, Delta Force, and the National Clandestine Service.

With over 300 personnel worldwide, TDA is one of the world’s preeminent providers of security and investigative services.  We are the principal security consultants for several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and are one of the top security providers to the entertainment industry.  Our experts specialize in providing elite security for film and television productions taking place in unstable and dangerous parts of the world.  Due to the proximity of our headquarters to the U.S.–Mexico border we have unparalleled experience in conducting operations in Mexico.  Despite increasingly dangerous and unstable conditions, we give our clients the edge over their competitors by allowing them to conduct business in places that are otherwise inaccessible. 

In a world where economic success depends on informed action, our team of investigators help mitigate the risks our clients face while facilitating their decision making process.   During legal proceedings our clients rely on the information that only our experienced   investigators are able to obtain.  When clients are considering a new foreign or   domestic business partnership our far-reaching network of international investigators   conduct due diligence that can mean the difference between a successful venture or a   costly embarrassment.

Throughout the security industry we are renowned for our integrity, reliability, and adaptability.  Our clients know they can trust us to provide them with expert and personalized service whenever and wherever it is needed.  Whether our clients need information to make the best business decisions or the security to conduct their operations, at TDA we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the highly unique needs of our diverse clientele. 

Corporate Leadership

Thomas D. Elfmont, founder and CEO of TDA, has been a leader in the security and investigative industry for over twenty-five years.  Utilizing extensive experience gained through a thirty year career leading the Los Angeles Police Department, Tom formed TDA to meet the security and investigative needs of the private sector in Los Angeles.  Soon after its founding in 1994, Tom quickly recognized that the needs of TDA’s client were increasingly global in nature and that these challenges could only be met by having personnel on the ground overseas.  Subsequently, Tom built a network of global alliances to allow TDA to effectively meet these needs.  TDA entered into several successful partnerships which ultimately led to the opening of TDA partner offices in several countries around the world.  Since its founding, TDA has grown from a firm working primarily with a Los Angeles based clientele to a security and investigative firm that is truly global in outlook, clientele, and capacities.